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Herbal ice Cubes

Make herbal ice cubes for summer

Of course herbs besides healing properties have superb uses both in cooking, baking and in growing beautiful aromatic gardens! We will refer to a unique and very useful application that will make herbs more attractive in our daily lives!

There are many ways to maintain our fresh herbs to use them throughout the year, and with a little mood and imagination we can directly use for cooking, embellishment, or a great and extraordinary drinks for our guests!

Imaginative herbal ice cubes for drinks and refreshments:

You can easily use your herbs and even flowers to create unique ice cubes for drinks or refreshments you want to serve, even to give flavor to the water you drink!

Quick and easy ideas:

Ice cubes from hibiscus decoction – it will give you a bright red color, taste and aroma, ideal for juice, sparkling water and even cocktails! of course you can create cubes from every herb you like!Highly aromatic ice cube that tastes great in a homemade lemonade, is lavender!

Ice cubes with herb addition – yes, you can add flowers of honeysuckle, rose petals, leaves from your favorite herbs, of mint or spearmint to your ice cubes! The result will surprise you, as the herb retains its freshness and is impressive in your glass!

Ice cubes for direct addition in cooking – delicious, useful and fresh! Add in an icecube case, chopped spices and herbs such as oregano, thyme, mint and cover with olive oil instead of water! You can use them in cooking directly, and in this way, control the quantity of oil you use! Perfect use for sautéing.

Ice cubes for the eyes – you can get immediate relief from swelling of the eyes, puffiness and dark circles, by having always a few ice cubes in your freezer! Try putting ice cubes from lavender, rose water or even better aloe in the freezer to get immediate relief after waking, after a hard day or if you just want to have fresh look before your night out. The addition of essential oil of lavender, chamomile or geranium makes it even better!

Ice cubes for treating acne – just like the eye area, so for acne, a cube can be particularly useful! Not only for the treatment of edema and reduction of redness. A cube with anti-inflammatory herbs such as green tea, mint and lavender, will total relieve the skin, and if you want it to be more powerful, add essential oil of tea tree.

Ice cubes for preservation of fresh herbs – a last and very useful application is maintaining your fresh herbs all year round! Wash, finely chop and add the herbs in ice cube trays and fill with water! Whenever you need them, they’re fresh in your freezer!


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