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Borage nutrients & collection

One of the herbs of the Greek countryside that you will meet with many names and is offered for a variety of healing properties, is borage! It is known from antiquity, as there are references from both ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

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Angelica, collection and nutritional value

Angelica is a perennial herb, widespread in Greece, cultivated in gardens but also wild, in moist soils. In general, the plant, whether native or domestic, needs shade to grow. It is a highly aromatic shrub, with a wide range of uses, from confectionery to aromatherapy.

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Cinnamon, nutritional value and how to collect

Common cinnamon comes from the cassia plant. The part of the plant used is the leaves and mainly the wood of the tree, the bark to be precise, from where the distillation of the essential oil takes place. It is one of the oldest spices in the world. But the healing cinnamon is much more expensive, thinner in thickness than the wooden and hard casia while it has much stronger therapeutic effects than casia.

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Aloe, way of collecting

Aloe is a perennial plant with large fleshy leaves from which is extracted the gel that is widely used in medicine and cosmetics. Aloe thrives in dry climates and arid soils, and is often found in home gardens as an ornamental plant.

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