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Herbs and spices, in Botanologio you will explore all the healing and cosmetic properties that nature provides, the uses and their applications in alternative healing. Read precious information in our blog!

Catnip collection and nutritional value

One of the few herbs offered for the care of your pets, and especially cats, catnip is a perennial herb with the scientific name Nepeta cataria and other common names, catswort, catwort, and catmint.

Herbs against hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that plagues both men and women. The factors that cause hair loss are many: genetic predisposition, hormonal disorder, poor diet, poor sleep quality, lack of vitamins, stress or treatments with strong medication.

Borage nutrients & collection

One of the herbs of the Greek countryside that you will meet with many names and is offered for a variety of healing properties, is borage! It is known from antiquity, as there are references from both ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

Evening primrose and its special healing properties

Evening primrose is an excellent medicinal plant although it is not among the herbs! It is an ideal therapeutic and protective agent for the female body, using mainly its oil.

The phases of the Moon in gardening

The moon is an important element from antiquity, based on which, the diferent seasons, sowing, harvest, successful fishing, collection of medicinal herbs and the preparation of medicines were calculated. The phases of the moon were important and its relationship to the tide had been observed since antiquity but was scientifically substantiated by Newton.
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“Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food.”
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