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Sage – Salvia Officinalis

Sage health benefits

Sage is a herb recognized for its healing properties since antiquity. Its Latin name (salvia) denotes the unique pharmaceutical value it provides, as the name means salvation.

Sage is considered to be one of the best healing, antimicrobial and antiseptic products of nature, so it is ideal for wounds that are difficult to heal and bleeding wounds. For the same properties it is used against gingivitis, both for the annoying symptoms and for the treatment. The use of sage in toothpastes is widespread because, in addition to treating gingivitis, it is particularly effective for wounds and inflammations in the oral cavity.

Another property of sage is its effectiveness in indigestion, while it is a very good anticonvulsive and spasmolytic. Its soothing properties make it ideal for stomach ache and feeling of weight in the stomach. Generally sage is indicated for diseases of the stomach, kidneys and liver, such as ulcer, kidney stone etc. while being a diuretic.

Because of the hormone-regulating ingredients contained in sage, it helps to regulate the cycle in cases of dysmenorrhea and during menopause.

In relation to the respiratory system, sage works effectively against asthma and acts as a natural expectorant. Because of its antiseptic and soothing effect, it acts against the infections of the tonsils, larynx and pharynx.

It is considered to be a mild insect repellent and insecticide, while the soothing action of sage helps in cases of bites. In abrasions, σαγε relieves joint pains.

In the psychological sphere it has very good antidepressant action, and it helps against nervousness and anxiety. In an aromatherapy device, the sage essential oil helps in periods of physical or mental exhaustion, in insomnia and postpartum depression. It is also considered natural aphrodisiac.

Special attention need to be paid to the use and consumption of sage during breastfeeding as it restricts milk production. People suffering from epilepsy should consume sage after approval by their physician. It is forbidden to consume sage during pregnancy as well as women suffering from female cancer as it functions as a hormone regulator.

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