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Applications of essential oils

essential oils uses

The essential oil is a product of distillation of useful leaves, flowers, and even roots of aromatic and herbs and plants. It is the delicate and valuable substance that imprisons all the aroma and healing properties of the distilled plants.

Each plant has the particularity of gathering its most valuable properties in specific parts of it. It may be the flowers, leaves, fruits, and even the roots of a plant. Always the quality of an essential oil depends on the plant harvest period, the way of drying and the fertilizers used during its development. When distilling an essential oil with parts of the plant that do not contain beneficial properties, the oil is considered to be adulterated.

The Applications of essential oils are many.

They can be used in baths, dropping a few drops in a full bath. With the expansion of the pores, the essential oil penetrates the deeper layers of the epidermis, benefiting it with its properties. The successful combination of oils, when two or more essential oils are synergized with each other, is even more effective, depending on the desired effect. For example, the combination of rosemary and sage is stimulating and reliefs from anxiety.

Another use of essential oils is to dissolve them in an oil massage base. In this way massage oils acquire a specific property depending on the desired effect. In cases of musculoskeletal pain and physical fatigue, rosemary, peppermint, oregano are ideal essential oils. In cases of stress and tension, basil and lavender relax, rest and give clarity to the spirit. For lipodialysis, cinnamon causes hyperemia and helps in better blood circulation. The best oil bases are almond oil and sesame oil, oils that are thin, rich in vitamins, are easily blended with essential oils and are absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

Aromatherapy devices are particularly widespread, as the essential oils in their evaporation, diffuse into space. The inhalation of essential oil combinations affects the psychological mood and embellishes the atmosphere. They are used extensively in cases of mental decline, depression, stress, difficulty in concentrating, and many other conditions. It is also effective to use a difuser with rosemary or rosemary essential oil as an insect repellent.

Essential oil can be added to ointments for therapeutic purposes, shampoos, foam baths, cold creams, space sprayers, even to protect pets from pests! The secret, of course, for successful use, is the right combination and above all the right essential oil for proper use!

Although essential oils are particularly beneficial, their use should be done with moderation and always with the recommended precautions. It is forbidden to use essential oils insoluble directly on the skin.

essential oils, essential oils uses

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