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Detoxifying herbs

The good condition of our body and its proper functioning is a desire that we all have but we know that some “sacrifices” are required as the right diet is A and Z. The herbs contribute significantly to overall health, while one of the distinct actions they offer is detoxification.

With the word detoxification, we mean purifying our body from within, starting from the digestive system, the liver, the lungs, and moving through all the organs gradually, including our epidermis.

Each herb has a specific strong detoxifying – cleansing action for an organ. A detox diet requires a combination of herbs, healthy diet and regular exercise, which does not need to exceed a 21 days program.

The result after 21 days is to feel and look more rested, refreshed, with shiny skin and high levels of energy. So it is worth a test to discover the beneficial effect of detoxification with herbs.

Below we present the best herbs for detoxification, combined with drinking a lot of water, juices, fruits and vegetables, reducing red meat for these days and, of course, alcohol abstinence and, if possible, smoking!

Dandelion root for cleaning the urinary system, treating fluid retention and stimulating the stomach: one tablespoon of dry dandelion for a large cup of tea every afternoon. (Avoid the night as it is diuretic).

Thistle for detoxification and liver cleansing, especially after a long alcohol drinking period: 2 tablespoons dried herb for a cup of tea.

Curcuma for detoxification of the glands and blood purification: turmeric can be added as a powder to your cooking, your tea in the water, or the juice you prefer to drink!

Eucalyptus and mint for detoxification of the lungs: their tea is already known and enjoyable in taste, and can be found in ready-made sachets

Fennel for detoxification of the stomach and the digestive system: It can be added to salads giving a wonderful flavor, while of course there is also in the form of infusion!

Try detoxifying herbs in combination or separately along with a healthy eating program that suits you! The effect of detoxification will excite you, and it does not need to be combined with an exhausting diet! Avoid, of course, dairy products during detoxification as they do not help in cleaning, and create mucus!

Do not try detox diet when you are under medical supervision when you are breast-feeding or are pregnant! If you are allergic to any of the above herbs, do not consume. There are other herbs with similar action that can meet your needs!

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