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Pine – Pinus Sylvestris

Pine, although not an herb, has so many therapeutic applications that it can be compared and surpassed many herbs! The fact that everything is useful, from the resin, the needles, the pine cone, to the pine tar, contributes significantly, while its action is strong both physically and psychologically.

The beautiful and refreshing aroma of pine essential oil stimulates and rejuvenates brain function, and helps significantly in the treatment of depression and irritability. In an aromatherapy device not only does it affect the psychological sphere, but it is considered to drive away the negative energy from the space. People who suffer from tension, stress and insomnia can use it with very good results.

The use of pine can be done in many effective ways. Either by consuming the tincture, pine oil for massages, inhalations and baths, depending on the body’s need.

It is considered a very good expectorant and particularly beneficial for the respiratory system. Effectively fights cough and runny nose as well as frees the nose from nasal congestion. At the same time, as a natural expectorant and antipyretic, it is ideal for treating the flu and common cold. In addition to being beneficial for the respiratory system, the action of pine against bronchitis even in chronic cases, pharyngitis, asthma, pneumonia and shortness of breath in general, is great. Inhalations are also beneficial in cases of sinusitis and inflammation of the airways.

The strong antiseptic action of pine, in combination with hemostatic, makes it ideal for disinfecting wounds and abrasions. It is also considered very good for treating skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema.
Beneficial for the urogenital system, the antiseptic action of pine, makes it ideal for disinfection of the urinary system, while offering excellent detoxification to the liver,
and enhancing its healthy function and recovery. It is indicated for use by people who are in detoxification related to alcohol, drugs and anabolics.

The strong perspiration offered by the pine, relieves muscle and rheumatic pains, cramps and joint pains. Massages with pine oil, help and relieve in cases of venous diseases, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Individual properties of pine are its insect repellent action and the muscle tone offered by the application on the body.

Unfortunately it has many side effects, as many people are allergic to pine, with irritation to the skin or mucous membranes, while it should not be used by people suffering from kidney disease or high blood pressure. Excessive internal consumption can cause poisoning.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of pine and the nutritional value and collection of pine!

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