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A few words about the artichoke!

Artichoke is a plant with nutritional value and curative properties that herbs would envy! This is a unique plant, all of which, from root to flower is therapeutic, with the sole exception of raw leaves that the milk inside has a toxicity that causes skin and digestive irritations.

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Helichrysum nutritional value and collection

One of the many special herbs that thrive in Greece, a truly unique herb for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties, as well as the rich history and mythology that conceals its name, is helichrysum. It is native to the Mediterranean and known from antiquity in Greece.

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Honeysuckle ingredients and collection

Honeysuckle is a beautiful ornamental climbing plant, which you will see both in mountain areas and coastal depending on the species. It may not belong to the herbs, but it has many therapeutic and cosmetic applications. In the same family there are more than 180 species, while the majority are native to China.

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Collecting Sage

The herb sage belongs to the family of Labiatae and is an evergreen shrub. It is  one of the native herbs of southern Europe and the Mediterranean. The ideal climate for sage is semi – mountainous and dry. 

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