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Basil and its cosmetic properties

Basil cosmetic uses

The basil is one of the favorite herbs of Greece, offering during the summer season – but some species also the winter time – its unique aroma. It is a herb very useful for taking care of the skin and the hair.

Both the extract of basil and its essential oil are beneficial to the skin and hair. Basil softens the skin and protects against skin irritations, dryness and weather conditions, fabrics and allergies, while being effective in dealing with acne.

It stimulates the epidermis and blood circulation, which significantly reduces wrinkles. For the same reason it is ideal for dull skins that need glow and rejuvenation. A little of the essential oil in a clay mask will instantly revive the skin giving a sense of freshness.

Something that a few know is that the basil is also suitable for treating cellulite because of the hyperaemia that causes the oil in the skin. Of course, we do not use the essential oil directly on the skin but dissolved in a good base of oil, such as almond oil or sesame oil.

The use of basil in hair, offers volume and gloss in dull and tired hair with a tendency to frizz. If you want to grow long and healthy hair faster, a great solution is to add a few drops of basil extract or essential oil to your shampoo.

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