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Herbs for headaches and migraines

Herbs for headache

Headache and migraine, is an issue for many adults, even children nowadays. The increased tension and stress in everyday life, poor quality of sleep and nutrition, excessive contact with electronic devices, such as mobile, create tension and pressure psychologically and physically, often defused by headache or migraine.
There are many people who suffer from chronic migraines after tension or anger erupts keen to unbearable headache. So when the tranquility exercises in everyday life are not enough, you can contact the pharmacy of nature that never disappoints us and always finds solutions for us.

The scent of laurel of Apollo (Laurus nobilis) and the use of the leaves for cooking, is beneficial for the prevention of migraine.

Thyme (thymus vulgaris) both the essential oil in aromatherapy apparatus, and as an infusion, is ideal for treatment of headache, nervous headache and migraine.

Rubs with almond and a few drops of essential oil of mint, or even rubs simply with the leaves of mint, on the temples, effectively relieves persistent headaches.

The melissa (Melissa officinalis) can be used for any type of migraine and headache, while the infusate is considered mild sedative and relaxing.

A plant used in many salads and especially during the summer season, is purslane (portulacea oleracea). It is important to emphasize the high content of this plant in vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy functioning of our body. The purslane, having high content of magnesium, helps the gradual relief from persistent headaches. The reason is simple. Sometimes headaches are caused by magnesium deficiency, element which purslane is rich in.
The well-known for the strongly anti-aging properties, evening primrose (oenothera biennis) is a natural pain reliever, as well as chili (capsicum).

In aromatherapy, essential oils of citrus fruits like orange, bergamot and lemon, face very effectively headaches and migraines, especially related to stressful situations.

Garlic and onion in our diet protects against headaches and migraines, while protecting the heart and mind of thrombosis.

The lavender and valerian, are offered mainly for headaches and migraines associated with psychological factors. Nervous migraines derived from intense stress, anger or sadness are treated very effectively.

Basil, rosemary, linden and chamomile, are herbs very common in our daily lives, both in cooking and as a decoction. The effectiveness in combating headache is proven but not as strong and direct as the effectiveness of other herbs already mentioned.

The feverfew (tanacetum parthenium) is a beneficial herb for migraines and headaches. It dilates the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to the brain and relieving immediately. The same effect and the same properties has the use of ginkgo biloba.

As a precaution, you can use ginger root (zingiber officinale) which combats migraines and is generally beneficial herb for blood and digestive system.

Willow (salix alba) is a natural painkiller for headaches, but its use is advisable to be avoided without consulting a doctor and is prohibitive for people allergic to aspirin.

Some more herbs and fruits that we can put in our daily diet, helping to address and eliminate chronic and persistent headaches and migraines. Verbena and marjoram, both in infusion as much as essential oil, help and operate sedatives. The rose scent and the essential oil of angelica in the diffuser, eating radishes, potatoes and apples with greater frequency.

There are several other herbs that help or are complementary to combat headaches, but their rarity, make it difficult to find and therefore their use.

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