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Almond in cosmetics

Almonds are rich in vitamins, proteins and fiber, which benefit and protect the body and therefore the skin.

The high content of almonds in vitamin E and minerals, offers elasticity to the skin, protects against free radicals and offers rich antioxidant activity. The above properties give almond and its derivatives, such as almond oil, strong anti-aging properties.

Almond oil has emollient properties that help dry and damaged skin, while nourishing and protecting the skin, offering gentle hydration. The linoleic acid contained in almonds, has a tonic effect on the skin. So it is also recommended for dull skin. At the same time, the soft and fluid composition makes it ideal for use on the sensitive eye area. Massage with almond oil on fine expression wrinkles around the eyes, and leave on overnight. Try to make your own eye make-up remover with almond oil, as it will also significantly strengthen your lashes! Also in a milder form than shea butter and coconut oil, it will protect you naturally from the stretch marks of pregnancy!

The cosmetic properties of almond are not limited to skin care. The proteins it contains, help nourish and stimulate the nails and hair. They help in the healthy growth and stimulation of the lashes and protect from the split ends. Almond oil helps moisturize the hair and is ideal for dry and damaged hair with a tendency to dry skin. You can make hair masks with warm almond oil, while you can put a minimal amount of oil on the ends of the hair for protection.

Of course you do not need to mash almonds for their use, although it would be a very good emollient peeling face and body, as well as a good moisturizing mask. Almond oil is ideal and the result depends on the purity of the oil!

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