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Herbal ice Cubes

Make herbal ice cubes for summer

Of course herbs besides healing properties have superb uses both in cooking, baking and in growing beautiful aromatic gardens! We will refer to a unique and very useful application that will make herbs more attractive in our daily lives!

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Therapeutic herbal oil recipes

αιθερια ελαια - essential oils

The natural skincare, is a privilege that everyone can have with a little goodwill! Herbs, either fresh or dried, offer a great variety of nutritional components to the skin, and depending on the herbs that you will choose, they will give you the cosmetic or therapeutic property that you need.

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Cod liver oil health benefits

μουρουνελαιο θεραπετικες ιδιοτητες

Cod liver oil is used for many years to protect the body by strengthening the immune system and for therapeutic purposes. Its use began in northern Europe, in countries where the cold and lack of sun needed greater protection, and the extraction is carried from the liver of cod fish.

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Herbs: vitamins, minerals and trace elements part 1

water soluble vitamins

You will encounter many times in the collection of valuable herbs, the reference to vitamins and minerals contained in the leaves, flowers, bark and roots of herbs! Many times, however we can not realize the importance of such substances for the proper functioning of our body.

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