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Dehydrated fruits and vegetables – why prefer them


As in dried herbs and spices, so in fruits and vegetables, the nutritional value after dehydration is largely maintained! It may not be the first dietary choice, but it is a safe option, with long shelf life and high nutritional value!

In fact, eating dehydrated foods often provides more nutritional value to your meal than a fruit or vegetable that stays on the kitchen counter or in the refrigerator for long periods of time. Of course, the basic condition is either to do the dehydration yourself, or to choose dehydrated fruits and vegetables without the addition of preservatives, sugar or oils.

After dehydration, foods retain nutrients such as fiber, iron, vitamins A, B, D, E & K, minerals, trace elements, proteins and mainly fat-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins, such as sensitive vitamin C, will be destroyed. Calories are kept intact, while vegetables take up 1/3 of the storage space and are stored for long periods of time.

For proper use of dehydrated vegetables, we must restore their moisture by placing them in water, unless they are soups, stews and sauces that the vegetable regains its moisture through cooking.

So far, we have found that dehydrated vegetables and fruits retain their nutritional value, last longer and do not take up much storage space. So let’s look at their contribution to our health.

We already know how important vegetables are for the proper and healthy functioning of our body. But what more do dehydrated vegetables offer? We start with the most basic, best digestion. Fiber treats constipation and offers easier and better digestion and assimilation of nutrients. At the same time, folic acid contained in many dehydrated vegetables, protects and strengthens brain function. In fact, the B-complex, chlorophyll and β-carotene contained, protect against the formation of cancer cells and promotes better blood circulation and healthy heart and brain function.

Many people who avoid vegetables will find dehydrated vegetables much tastier, enriching their diet. This is the solution to a dead end for many mothers whose children stubbornly refuse to eat fruits or vegetables! Expectant mothers consuming dehydrated vegetables offer the necessary vitamins to the fetus without fear of increased sugar, as the levels in dehydrated vegetables are much lower, while during breastfeeding they contribute significantly to milk production.


Consuming vegetables is very important for our health. Either they are dehydrated or they are fresh. In fact, when there is no time for immediate consumption of fresh vegetables due to lack of time, the solution is either dehydrated or frozen vegetables, as this ensures the preservation of their nutritional value. Make sure you drink plenty of water when consuming dried fruits and vegetables without first moisturizing them and avoid canned vegetables in any way, they have no nutritional value other than calories.

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