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Herbs for stomach ache

herbs for stomach pain

Stomach upset is the result of many factors. It can be the daily stress that does not facilitate proper digestion and “hits” the stomach, poor diet, hurried and junk meals, even the body’s predisposition or intolerance to some food that we insist on eating because it simply satisfies our palate.

These discomforts are not limited to a stomachache, but can be translated into heartburn, nausea, indigestion, bloating, nerve pain and convulsions. Gastrointestinal disorders are unfortunately a daily occurrence for many.

It is therefore good to know that there is a way for natural treatment and cure of the symptoms and the causes that cause them. There are many herbs that we use in our daily diet and are offered as a solution to the problem of gastric disorders. Of course, there are always rare herbs too that are offered for the same result. Do not be fooled, something we are used to consuming does not mean that it is less effective. The way of consumption or external use always plays a role in the result.

Below we will mention a wide range of herbs that effectively treat the symptoms of gastric disorders and relieve. There are many, so we will divide them into categories of herbs and fruits.

Starting with the beneficial herbs, we will mention the most common, ideal for stomach disorders.

Chamomile with its antispasmodic properties, treats the hypersecretion of stomach fluids, while in combination with its relaxing properties, it fights nervous stomach aches, gastritis, nausea and heartburn that are the result of intense stress.

Valerian, a plant famous for its anxiolytic and antidepressant properties, fights heartburn when its root is brewed.

Mint, as well as honeysuckle, have antispasmodic properties, stimulate the digestive system and fight indigestion, nervous stomach aches and disorders. They are also very good digestive herbs with action against nausea. The menthol contained in mint, is refreshing and calms the stomach after vomiting.

Thymbre opens the appetite, acts against indigestion, heartburn and stomachache, while helping nausea. Oregano relieves stomach aches, while marjoram is ideal for indigestion. Parsley relieves stomach aches and indigestion, while it is rich in vitamins and helps detoxify the body.

St John’s Wort is offered for the treatment of stomach pain, bloating, while with medical supervision it can be administered even for ulcers.

Alchemilla, a less common herb, acts against gastritis, while dandelion is very useful in heartburn and indigestion.

Mallow is ideal for any discomfort of the digestive system, from heartburn to gastritis pain, due to its emollient action.

Anise relieves symptoms of heartburn, bloating and helps digestion. Treats stomach aches and nausea with excellent results.

Ginger is very effective for nausea, vomiting and stomach upsets.

Dittany soothes sore stomach and intestines, while lemon verbena is considered very good for stomach disorders and indigestion.

Lavender is indicated for indigestion and abdominal pain. For indigestion or gastritis, basil and acorus are also recommended. While radishes are ideal for stomach aches and also indigestion but if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome do not prefer them.

Gentian, a herb not so common, responds very well to the symptoms of gastritis, and is used in cases of indigestion.

Yarrow is effective for indigestion and stomach disorders but should not be used when there is an ulcer or even a suspected swamp.

Fennel seed, just like linden, is anti-inflammatory and protects the stomach, while stopping pain and vomiting.

Agrimony treats indigestion and is astringent, so it helps with bowel disorders.

The well-known daisy, relaxes the nervous stomach, fights heartburn and treats indigestion.

There are also many fruits to treat stomach aches and disorders, although most are exotic and with a special taste.

Pineapple, for example, when eaten fresh and not canned, is ideal for heartburn, while papaya effectively treats indigestion.

Orange is beneficial for stomachache, especially when it comes from stress and nerves. But be careful not to consume, because it contains fruit acids that aggravate stomach conditions. It is the essential oil in an aromatherapy device that is beneficial.

A few drops of lemon juice relieve indigestion, while raw quince and peach treat indigestion. Sweet pumpkin and banana also have very good results against digestive disorders.

There are also individual herbs that can help treat stomach aches and digestive disorders, such as dill, coriander, nettle and thistle. For symptomatic treatment of gastritis, sage as well as ginseng are beneficial, while indigestion is also treated with cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf and nutmeg.

Despite the huge amount of information we had to skip some herbs because the list is already too full. Some of the above herbs enter our daily lives through cooking, some are eaten raw like the fruits we mentioned while the rest, if you do not know how to use, can be infused or brewed, or even enter as an essential oil in an aromatherapy device.

But be careful because all herbs have side effects when the use exceeds reasonable limits. Also, any of the above herbs can cause allergies so it is good to be informed. Finally, while taking medication and during breastfeeding or pregnancy, it is necessary to have your doctor’s approval for the use of any herb.

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