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Chamomile cosmetic applications

Chamomile skin and hair benefits

Chamomile, mainly because of its soothing effect, is a herb ideal for all types of skin, from infancy, and cover a wide range of beneficial effects on the skin and hair!

The soothing action of chamomile makes it ideal for swollen and tired eyes, dealing with black circles and inflammation in the eye area. Combined with its slightly anti-aging action, it fights fine wrinkles of expression around the eyes.

Chamomile is a herb that you will come across in many cosmetic formulations for sensitive skin, dry, child-sensitive skin and acne. In creams and lotions against acne, chamomile combats inflammation and irritation, preventing the spread of acne, while in salves treats burns and prickles, relieves and absorbs swelling.

Particularly effective in skin diseases, eczema and itching, chamomile relieves even the painful symptoms of psoriasis. It ideals irritations, rashes and mild sunburns, either in washes with chamomile decoctions or chamomile oil, while adding to cream gives deep hydration, while it is anti-aging and healing. Regular wash with chamomile extract, eliminates redness and scars from acne.

Also known for its beneficial properties for our hair, chamomile stimulates the scalp, moisturizes deeply and leaves the hair smooth and easy to brush. Ideal for dry, damaged hair from weather, sun exposure or styling products. Indeed, in the long run, it brightens the color of the hair, especially the addition of essential oil or extract in shampoos.

Chamomile is safe for young children and their skin care. It needs special attention to pregnant women as the excessive use can cause side effects.

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