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Melissa and cosmetics

Melissa skin benefits

Melissa, is a herb that beyond pleasant lemony aroma that has, and the particular taste that gives us the infusion of melissa, it also has very positive properties, nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.

We have already mentioned in the section of therapeutic properties, that melissa is ideal for treating wounds and swellings. The same properties of the plant, making it useful for treating wounds and abrasions, are those which make it just as useful for treating acne, epidermal edema, especially morning swelling, and skin irritations.

Besides the proven utility of melissa for acne-prone skin, the moisturizing, the firming and anti-aging properties that characterize it, make it one of the best herbs for all skin types and all ages.

The cosmetic use of melissa, may be accomplished in many ways, such as use of essential oil in salves, massage oils or baths. Even easier, use an infusion or melissa water for facial hair and body washes instead of tap water. Even melissa consumption in beverage form, works as a cosmetic that provides its cosmetic benefits through our body.

Of course, the use needs attention and measure because the excess can cause skin irritations.


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