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Essential oils for your pets!

Essential oils are offered for a wide range of health problems of your pet, and especially your dog! Good use of the right essential oils can fight fleas, mobility problems, arthritis and many other problems that arise in your dog.

Of course, not all essential oils are good for a pet, so here are some tips to help you know what to look for and why. You do not need to have all the essential oils for personal use or for your pet. Choose what you really need and what you like best. There are many essential oils that provide similar properties but have a different aroma and other side effects.

Cedar is a natural antiseptic, stimulates blood circulation, while it can also be used for skin diseases and as a pest repellent. Geranium is also beneficial for your pet’s skin, it is a gentle and safe antifungal, it fights skin and ear irritations and it is very effective in repelling ticks.

When your dog is anxious, irritable, barking loudly or living in a noisy place, sage acts as a sedative and relaxes the nerves, while the same goes for valerian. Orange relaxes, while at the same time it perfumes your dog’s hair wonderfully and repels fleas. Be careful, of course, because orange causes photosensitivity and the sun should not see it directly.

A very good essential oil for pets is ginger, as it is not irritating or toxic, it helps digestion, it is a natural analgesic in cases of arthritis, sprains or dysplasia. Along with mint, it is fantastic for treating nausea while traveling, while mint enhances blood circulation, repels parasites and is a natural antispasmodic.

Carrot is an ideal tonic and anti-inflammatory, for dry and sensitive skin prone to infections. Renews tissues and helps heal scars.

The safest essential oil for everyone, lavender, is antibacterial, fights itching and relaxes the nerves. It can be used in skin irritations with absolute safety and for first aid.

Chamomile is an analgesic, relaxing of the nervous system, antispasmodic, while its use is excellent for toothache, muscle aches and cramps. Marjoram is a powerful antibacterial, while relaxing the muscles and is a good insect repellent. The use of marjoram is ideal for skin infections and wounds.

Before using essential oils for the care of your pet, keep in mind that the essential oils must be pure. Essential oils are expensive, so choose carefully which of the above you prefer to use, always dissolved in an oil base.

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