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The truth about natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

There are many cosmetic formulations that are claim to be 100% natural and at the same time hypoallergenic. The label of most of them contains natural extract of beneficial herbs, fruits and flowers. 

For the most part, this is a half true story that we need to know, for the sake of our skin health and of our pocket. For example, a person with a cypress allergy, if purchases a cypress extract, the natural result is to have an allergic reaction. If not, it is worth asking yourself, why not. Does it actually contain cypress or does it have an artificial flavor? If it contains cypress, how much % does it contain to provide its beneficial effect on our body? Many times unfortunately the choice of product depends on the fragrance and the beautiful, tempting packaging. Try to use natural cosmetic formulations with critics that can confirm the actions and properties you are looking for.

Before choosing something natural we should know that the basic prerequisite is that there is no natural hypoallergenic cosmetic. So we always want to be careful not to waste our money on something we buy at a price of a natural product and it is not, or we buy something hypoallergenic that could even cost us our lives. Because natural and hypoallergenic only exists under the condition that we belong to the lucky ones who do not suffer from seasonal and non-seasonal allergies.

natural cosmetics

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