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Herbs for sore throats

Herbs for sore throat

Having sore throat is a common phenomenon, even in times when the body is not suffering from a cold or flu. The factors that contribute to the appearance of either dry or productive persistent cough are many.

The environmental conditions, smoking, allergies that accompany season changes and especially spring, are some of the factors that affect the respiratory system and dry the throat. But there is always a natural solution to effectively treat the symptoms.

Sore throat and dry cough are accompanying cold, climate change, or a typical smoker. The best treatment is the use of licorice, bay, mint and eucalyptus. Savory, elder and thyme are equally effective to soften the throat and they can be used in cooking, while mallow, calendula and marshmallow are very effective as a decoction or tincture.

Edible like fig, strawberry, onion, potato and quince effectively soften the throat, while borage, adiantum (maidenhair), yarrow, marjoram and mustard relieve sore throat and relax the respiratory system. Most of the herbs mentioned, have in common the soothing and softening properties, which make them suitable for treating sore throats.

Additional properties that characterize some herbs are the positive influence on the respiratory system and its protection, such as peppermint, eucalyptus and licorice.

For productive cough, optimally works the herb thyme, which in combination with rosemary operates as an expectorant but also protects against respiratory infections. Other herbs equally effective are the eupatorium (boneset), comfrey, marshmallow, anise and mullein.

The ideal use for correct results, is the consumption of infusions and the inhalations of either essential oil in a diffuser or simply the herb in boiling water. These herbs are ideal for treating chronic bronchitis and chronic respiratory problems in general.

There are many herbs that help to relieve respiratory problems and they are referred in the therapeutic properties section of each herb. The property featuring herbs that help in the treatment of productive cough, is the expectorant.

The combination of a herb with honey in a decoction, is facing directly the annoying symptoms while avoiding the use of pharmaceutical formulations.

Caution is always necessary in the use, so as not to exaggerate consumption. The fact that a formulation is natural, does not mean it is without side effects. In relation to the expectorant herbs, over-consumption usually causes vomiting and diarrhea. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, always ask your doctor and if you are allergic to any herb, never use it, not in the smallest quantity.

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