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Eucalyptus, ingredients and way to collect

Eucalyptus nutritional value

Eucalyptus is grown mainly in Mediterranean countries due to the favorable climate. There are many eucalyptus species grown, with properties that differ little from each other. Its height varies depending on the species and can be from a small bush to a towering tree where it reaches up to 100 meters. Typical characteristic of eucalyptus that is commonly found in Greece, is the smooth trunk.

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree, while its leaves are greenish-blue with white fluff coating.

The eucalyptus part that is used for healing purposes, are its leaves, which grow on branches, are sickle-shaped and have a pleasant smell and taste. The smell is strong and slightly sweet.

The rich eucalyptus essential oil finds many therapeutic and cosmetic applications and can be successfully used for room perfuming, disinfection, homemade detergents and even for stain removal.

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