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Dittany at cosmetics

dittany skin benefits

The cosmetic properties of the greek herb dittany, are not as significant as the beneficial properties that offers to the human body, to keep it healthy and robust. Of course, that doesn’t mean that dittany does not offer to sensitive skin, special care.

The main contribution of dittany to the skin, is combating skin problems such as inflammations and severe irritation of the skin. Individuals with intense sensitivity, can use dittany for treatment of itching, inflammation, irritation and dryness. Dittany is also  effective for the treatment od mild acne and locally on pimples.

The addition of dittany extract in a lotion or a shampoo, stimulates the scalp and contributes to the treatment and prevention of hair loss, while consolidating the skin. It heals wounds resulting from severe itching or skin diseases.

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