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Fig fruit harvest

Fig fruit nutritional value

The fig tree is one of the most famous trees in Greece, typical of the Greek flora. It is a deciduous tree with large broad leaves, rough in texture and highly milky. Depending on the variety of the fig, the fruit is green or purple.

The figs among the many nutrients they contain, distinguish for their great value, the sugars, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, K, B6 and of course are rich in fiber.

The real nutritional value of the fig is found in the granes of the fig, which are actually the fruit. The harvest season is at the end of the summer and early autumn, depending on the variety of the fig. In any case they should be gathered before the first autumn rains. The best and most exquisite variety of figs is the black basilica with large dark and very sweet figs.

It has many cosmetic and therapeutic uses, and its nutritional value even dried, is important. You can make a wonderful jam without adding more sugar, while fig grains are ideal for peeling.

Read more about the healing properties of the fig and the cosmetic uses of the fig!

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