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Sweet scented geranium collection and uses

Sweet scented geranium is one of the favorite herbs found in many gardens and has many uses in cooking, aesthetics and of course for therapeutic applications.

This is a plant related to the geranium family, with strong aromatic leaves, which are also the medicinal part of the plant, as you will not find aroma or essential oils in the beautiful flowers of the sweet scented geranium. The leaves have a special and characteristic shape that makes the sweet scented geranium stand out from the rest of the plants of the same family. They have an intense green color, heart shape and they are soft and fluffy in texture and offer an intense lemony aroma. This fragrance is due to its rich essential oil and makes it a very useful insect repellent in the summer months, either as an essential oil or if you have a flower pot on your balcony.

The flowers of the arbaroriza are also special, purple lilac that bloom in inflorescences all summer and consist of 5 petals. Sweet scented geranium, like most herbs, prefers well-drained sandy soils and sunny areas, but its resistance is high in humidity, shade and low temperatures. The size of the sweet scented geranium depends on the point of planting. In soils and climates that favor its growth, it becomes a large shrub that spreads both in height and width, reaching 1 meter! Its leaves decorate the winter and summer gardens with a bright green color.

In addition to cosmetic properties for face and hair care offering firming, anti-aging, cleansing and hydration on the face and treats intense oiliness and aging hair, the leaves are also offered for many therapeutic uses such as mouth ulcers, fluid retention, herpes, depression, etc.

Of course, not only the leaves are healing but also the root, which in powder cures gastrointestinal diseases, such as diarrhea, treats poor blood circulation and varicose veins and many more applications that you will read about the healing properties of sweet scented geranium!

Its wonderful aromatic essential oil is also offered for psychological support. Try the Sweet scented geranium root in tea, in extract, in powder, in an aromatherapy device and of course the essential oil in creams, waxes, shower gels and shampoos!

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