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Yarrow, collection method

Yarrow, is an herb known for its healing properties since antiquity, while it is also known as common yarrow.

It is a plant rich in copper and essential oil, contains among other components nitrates and phosphates, tannins, amino acids, salicylic acid, sugars, alkaloids and flavonoids.

Yarrow cultivation is very easy, because it grows in poor soils, without the need for special care. It can grow both in the sun and in the shade, while it can withstand drought and very low temperatures.

The healing part of the plant is its flowers and leaves, which are collected during the summer, when it is in bloom, which lasts until the first autumn months. The flower has a beautiful, intense and sweet aroma that is widely used in perfumery.

The references of the yarrow in ancient Greek mythology and history, are many that testify since then its most important property, its hemostatic action in open wounds. From there it even took its name, from the mythical hero Achilles(Achillea millefolium), who used the leaves as a poultice to stop bleeding in his wounds.

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