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Get rid of freckles with herbs and fruits!

Herbs fro dark spots and freckles

Dark spots, freckles and blotches, is a problem that is difficult to tackle, and usually age does not play an important role. Excessive exposure to the sun is one of the main reasons, as it is responsible for premature aging of the skin, while sun exposure during pregnancy contributes. Many times, hormonal disorders play an important role, while inappropriate skin care intensifies the problem.

Dark spots can also be caused by health issues that often are not obvious, like vitamin deficiency, dermatitis and sun allergy, liver-related health problems and even diabetes.

There are many solutions, such as bleaching creams, chemical peelings and lasers. But the results are not guaranteed, and the cost is often high without knowing the impact that some methods may have on our health. So first try a natural method, of the many that are offered to us.

There are three natural materials in each household with strong bleaching properties. These are lemon, tomato, and onion. But we will mention many more ingredients to cover all tastes and needs!

The lemon cleanses, whitens and gives glow to the skin while the tomato whitens and protects against irritation. Tomato can also be used to remove dark spots while tightening pores. Potato is ideal in combination with lemon, while helping to combat acne.

Buckthorn is also effective, in particular the use of hippophae oil, is nourishing and refreshes the skin. It is one of the best natural ingredients you can use to treat dark spots, significantly reducing skin discolorations, spots and scars. An important role in this action is played by the high content of hippophae in vitamin C.

The same applies to wild rose oil, especially known for its anti-aging action! You can massage the areas you need with pure wild rose oil while absorbition is direct from the skin as it is a very thin oil, so it reaches deep into the tissues of the epidermis. Do not restrict the use for dark spots and freckles! Its use is ideal for removing wrinkles in the eye area, stretch marks and scars. Referring to oils, note that castor oil is also very effective. Do not forget the use of rose water, which cools, protects and contributes to the dark spot elimination!

Tea extract is also ideal, while protecting against the appearance of more dark spots and fights acne. Whatever color you choose, white, green or black, the tea extract will protect the skin from free radicals and will activate the production of collagen in the epidermis.

The turmeric is considered ideal for the treatment of dark spots, using locally turmeric powder with lemon. Try before using the pasta, to make a natural peeling with oats, which works complementarily.

Ginger is one of the best natural bleaches. While its antioxidant action protects against free radicals and stimulates the skin. Horseradish, not a widespread herb, immediately removes the dark spots. Make a paste of horseradish and apply it to the area you need to handle. The same effect has the watermelon peel, which is refreshing, whitens the skin and is rich in vitamins!

We would not forget to add to the list the onion, and the cider vinegar because of their acidity. With the acids they contain, they reduce and reverse the oxidation of the skin, a factor that contributes to the formation of dark spots. Topical use, breaks the density of the spots, allowing a bleach component to act faster and more efficiently!

It is worth mentioning that two vitamins that protect the skin from blemishes and spots are vitamin C and vitamin E so do not forget to drink juices and eat properly!

All natural materials for treating dark spots need about two months of use, three times a week to see positive results. Some of the treatments can and should be done on a daily basis, preferably before bedtime so the sun does not see you directly. A natural treatment needs about the same time as a classic pharmaceutical treatment, it depends on you and the dedication you will show!

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