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Herbs for weight loss of the Greek countryside

In previous articles we have mentioned that herbs serve our body in weight loss. The use of herbs must always be done wisely and requires patience to be able to see some results and assess their overall contribution to our body.

When we refer to the herbs of the Greek countryside, it does not necessarily mean that we have to look on the mountain or on the beaches for the corresponding herbs. We can easily grow them ourselves in the garden or in a pot, so that we can enjoy them fresh.

The climate and the soil of Greece favor the growth of many herbs unique for their properties. The herbs of the Greek countryside, such as yarrow, wormwood, lemon verbena, fennel, dandelion, nettle, anise and marsh mallow, have many beneficial, mainly detoxifying properties, which favor the activation of metabolism.

Yarrow is suitable for fluid retention and cellulite. Both its massage oil and its internal infusion offer very good detoxification to the body. The use of yarrow needs special attention as it is a plant with many healing properties but also many side effects.

Dandelion is considered one of the herbs with the best detoxifying properties. Elimination of toxins is one of the most important factors in weight loss. It activates the metabolism and at the same time reduces the appetite. You can also make a dandelion salad with many nutrients.

Wormwood stimulates the digestive system, facilitating the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It has the property of burning fat, so it contributes significantly to weight loss. It also has diuretic properties, so that toxins are eliminated from the body. Be careful in consumption because in large doses it irritates the stomach. The stimulation of the digestive system and the easy digestion it offers, increase the appetite.

Fennel, in addition to its detoxifying properties and more specifically organs that are difficult to detoxify, such as the liver and pancreas, has strong fat-dissolving properties. It contributes to weight loss and its consumption causes a feeling of satiety, reducing appetite.

The well-known lemon verbena, with a wonderful aroma and many healing properties, is suitable for weight loss. Its digestive properties are offered in cases of difficult or poor digestion of food. Lemon verbena’s most important contribution is the regulation of metabolism. Increases metabolism resulting in more burns. Its use is considered particularly effective against obesity. It regulates the appetite and is a diuretic, as a result of which it also acts against fluid retention.

Nettle, with similar properties to thistle, detoxifies the body while at the same time its nutritional value in minerals and vitamins is high. Protects the liver and strengthens the body in times of fatigue and exhausting diet.

Marsh mallow is a diuretic, acting against fluid retention, while helping the body eliminate toxins.

Anise is a very good fat burner, while it also has very good antioxidant properties. But its consumption requires moderation.

The list of herbs and plants that help in weight loss is very long, but their use always requires attention and moderation. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before consuming any herb when you are suffering from an illness or in cases where you are taking regular supplements or medicines.

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