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Healing and cosmetic uses for natural clay!

Clay mask skin benefits

The natural clay, is in abundance all over Greece in its natural form, with more widespread the green clay! The variety of course that exists is great and the applications are limitless in both cosmetic and therapeutic uses! You will find clay in multiple colors, which are determined by the content of iron oxides and magnesium oxides, which in turn give the respective properties!

Green clay is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and minerals. It is considered quite strong, so it should be used in skins with acne and heavy oil skins. It’s very good for strengthening the hair and treating dandruff, and has very good results in treating cellulite and the overall tightening of the skin! Green clay cleans the pores in depth, removes excess sebum from the skin and is ideal for detoxification baths! To prevent dry skin from excess, it should not be used more than one time per week.

The white clay known as kaolin too, is the mildest form of clay. Its use is ideal for sensitive, dry and irritated skin. The exfoliation that provides is very mild, while the use for the body, relieves from pain at the feet and varicose veins.

The red clay, is considered the most powerful form of clay, with spectacular detoxifying results! It has all the properties of green clay and its use is ideal for mature skin, smoothing the wrinkles and the bags under the eyes. Red clay be used on dry skin too with the proper hydration after the application! It brightens the skin and leaves a sense of relaxation.

The pink clay is a mixture of kaolin and red clay, taking properties from both forms of clay! The results are particularly satisfying because pink clay covers the needs of both oily, acne skin, as fine and delicate skin! It stimulates dull skin and fights pigmentation. People who have skin conditions, irritations or allergies, can try a treatment with pink clay for a month, and have spectacular results. Use should be carried twice a week.

The yellow clay, even though it is not so widespread, is very good for all skin types! Mixed, oily, dry, normal or sensitive, yellow clay tightens the skin and offers deep cleansing and balances the ph.

Available commercially you will find all kinds of clay, both in powder form and as a paste ready for use. We recommend choosing the powdered form of clay, which is more pure, preservative-free, and allows you to add your favorite materials.

With homemade ingredients, you can make a wonderful facial or body mask, for the results that you desire! By adding lemon juice to the clay powder, you make a wonderful detoxifying and whitening mask that gives radiance to the skin. Banana and avocado are ideal for nourishing and moisturizing. Honey offers regeneration to the skin. Cinnamon powder and black pepper, face fluid retention, local fat and cellulite, while aloe gel and vitamin E are powerful anti-aging ingredients.

You can add in the mixture essential oils of your choice, or similar to the needs of your skin! Always with care, as exaggeration causes severe skin irritation.

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