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Herbs against hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that plagues both men and women. The factors that cause hair loss are many: genetic predisposition, hormonal disorder, poor diet, poor sleep quality, lack of vitamins, stress or treatments with strong medication.

It is a fact that prevention is the best treatment, because there is no proven cure for hair regeneration. Herbs may have some miraculous properties, but they can not work miracles!

There are herbs that strengthen the hair follicle and the hair itself promoting growth, herbs that give shine and elasticity to the hair, herbs that treat dry skin, dandruff and oiliness. All these properties of herbs are factors that protect against hair loss.

So as unnecessary as it may seem, protecting the scalp and the hair itself is important to prevent future problems such as hair loss. In fact, preventing hair loss is not so much about aesthetics as most people think, but about the psychology of the person suffering from hair loss.

Starting with the most common herbs for hair care, rosemary is especially beneficial for their protection and strengthening. It stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Walnut is known for toning the hair and giving it shine, as well as many will have heard that it naturally dyes gray hair. Apollo laurel is considered to be ideal for preventing hair loss and strengthening hair. Finally, the nettle prevents hair loss and stimulates the hair, preventing the spread of hair loss.

But in addition to the well-known and much-discussed herbs that we mentioned about hair loss, there are daily plants that we find in our kitchen and other very rare herbs that have the ability to protect hair from hair loss.

In our kitchen, the thyme that protects against hair loss, the onion that enhances hair growth, the sage that protects the hair from the follicle to the tip, the cucumber that has the same use as the onion but does not have the intense smell, the lemon that prevents hair loss and stimulates the scalp. Parsley and oregano are also very effective in toning and protecting the hair.

Among the herbs that few know their value, stand out for the fight against hair loss, yarrow which tones the hair, the maidenhair fern that helps treat hair loss, the watercress which also protects against scalp diseases, cedar and burdock which has strong healing properties for many skin diseases.

All the mentioned plants can be extracted in water or made into infusions and then applied during the bath or after the bath as a lotion. Another use is to mash the leaves and then apply as a mask for a few minutes. Extracting leaves or fruits in oil and using it as a mask before shampooing, as with Apollo laurel, is just as effective. Finally, the essential oil, which has concentrated properties of each plant, can be applied in the same way, after first dissolving in an oil base of your choice.

Nature offers a variety of herbs and plants to combat hair loss, so it is not necessary to use all of the above plants. Combinations of these are legitimate, such as nettle with rosemary or walnut leaves in combination with Apollo laurel.

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