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Use your own aloe vera!

Aloe Vera gel uses

You have aloe vera in your garben but you don’t know how to use it? It is easy to extract your own gel and particularly healthy for both internal and external use! The antioxidant activity of aloe protects the body from free radicals, prevents premature aging of the organs and the skin and is ideal for a wide range of uses!

Consuming your own aloe saves significant amounts of money as aloe costs a lot, especially the drinkable, while consuming packaged aloe is not as healthy as your own fresh aloe, due to the many preservatives that are added.

The 6 easy steps to extract aloe:

The first thing to do is to figure out how much gel we want to use in order to have small quantities for storage, without spoiling our aloe. Usually a large outer leaf is enough to have a large glass of aloe gel and abundance for external use and storage.

We cut an outer sheet as close to the trunk as possible with a sharp knife so as not to injure the cactus. In this phase yellow juice will start running, with strong smell. This yellow liquid, we do not want to use, as it has a strong laxative effect.

Put it under the tap to wash the leaf as much as possible. And especially the juice. It’s not gel and we don’t want it! Once sufficiently rinsed, dry the leaf carefully.

Cut the leaf like fresh green beans, the top and side spines and then with a knife remove the bark from above and from below. The gel is ready. You can remove the bark with a fruit peeler too.

Rinse carefully the pure gel and is ready for use: you can cut it into cubes for storage in a glass bowl in the fridge, and to make your own gel simply mash it. It must be diluted with water for consumption and you can add juice or tea of your choice. Orange juice and pomegranate are great! Add it to your shampoo, your creams, your hair conditioner!

You can store the gel for about a week in your refrigerator. Attention! Do not extract the gel with a spoon, as will be mixed with the yellow juice and the result will be disagreeable to you. Use the leaves after the fourth year of life of the plant. Keep in mind while cutting, that the aloe gel is very slippery.

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