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The best anti-aging herbs!

Anti-aging, or rather delaying aging, is something everyone wants. What we often overlook, of course, is that preventing aging, or even reversing some phenomena, does not start with a superficial approach. It is a matter of philosophy of life, diet, exercise. Of course herbs and spices contribute significantly in a variety of ways that we will mention below!

Starting with the basics, to understand how and why some herbs act as inhibitors in the aging of the body and the skin, we must know what they offer. Anti-aging means, protection of skin cells, physical and mental energy, treatment of inflammation of the body, proper digestion and sleep, strong immune system, physical and mental elasticity, healthy circulation and therefore healthy heart.

That is, exactly what the young organism can cope without assistance, without referring exclusively to the prevention of wrinkles, sagging skin or discoloration. Proper prevention of aging is done internally so that it has effect and duration.
All the above characteristics that we are looking for, can be offered generous
ly by herbs and spices with the corresponding antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, tonic and regenerative properties. In other words, we protect our cells first, as our age depends on the age of our cells.

Do not be confused by posts that want to either advertise or show something different and at the same time expensive. The best herbs for our body are the ones that grow and are cultivated next to our door. Whatever grows in our climate, is also part of the diet that suits us. Nature does not make mistakes, just as the flora adapts to the current climate, so our body adapts and needs exactly the foods that thrive in the climate that we “live”.

So the most important anti-aging herb in Greece is oregano. It is rich in essential oil, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, protecting against free radicals. It strengthens the immune system and offers stimulation to the body. The use of oregano in cosmetics, offers strong protection and reduces the signs of aging. The closest relative of oregano, marjoram, also offers nutrition and antioxidant action, while whitening the skin and offering uniformity! Marjoram protects the digestive system and contributes to a healthy pleasant sleep. For pure oregano essential oil check out here! (affiliate link)

Another humble but very powerful herb is thyme. Why does it work anti-aging? Because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and through this property it fights and protects against inflammations of our body, which are not obvious, but strain the body, forcing the cells to give importance to the fight, leaving the skin in second place. Studies show that the main reason for premature aging is inflammation. A youthful skin is free of inflammation. Sage has the same property, an herb that is particularly pleasant in taste and aroma.

Cinnamon is another of the powerful anti-aging herbs, helping to protect joints and muscles, with strong anti-inflammatory action. Externally, it causes hyperemia, stimulating the microcirculation, resulting in fast and healthy cell renewal. In the same category, and with stronger antioxidant action, cloves are classified.

Thistle contributes significantly to anti-aging, in the deepest possible way, detoxification and especially of the liver. It is not one of the herbs that we will easily find in cosmetics, not because it does not offer, but because its action is deeper and more important! Through the detoxification of the liver, we cleanse our blood, and consequently our cells.

Of course, the wild rose could not be missing from the list, either the petal extract or the fruit. Its anti-aging properties have been known since antiquity, while it offers extra nourishment and hydration to the skin, giving it elasticity. The regenerative action of the oil significantly reduces the signs of aging, especially around the eyes.

Chamomile, which I personally consider a panacea, has a remedial effect and a long list of properties such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative. Azulene, which is found in a higher proportion in German chamomile than Roman chamomile, has been shown in studies to be able to stop skin cell damage.

The silicon that you will find in the special herb horsetail, contributes to the health and anti-aging not only of the skin but also of the hair and nails, giving shine and strength and strengthening its connective tissues.

The famous antioxidant green tea is not an accidental anti-aging ingredient in many cosmetics, as the catechins it contains protect cells from free radicals and UV rays, a property that few herbs have.
After herbs, of course, there are foods with extra anti-aging properties such as
carrots with regenerative action and many vitamins for nutrition, active antioxidant berries, green leafy vegetables and definitely the good fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated that you will find in olive oil, nuts, sunflower seeds. We owe special mention to omega-3 fatty acids, which we will find in fish, nuts, chicken and beef, as they are vital for maintaining youthful skin and hair.

For lovers of the most sophisticated herbs, which are also very beneficial, of course there is a list of anti-aging herbs, with Ginseng first and foremost. This particular herb is considered adaptogenic, fights oxidative stress, offers strong skin tightening, deep cleanses and offers radiance. Turmeric with the powerful active ingredient curcumin, protects tissues from damage, prevents wrinkles, reduces scarring, treats inflammation, ie prevents and visibly reverses the signs of aging. Finally, gingko biloba is an awesome herb that has properties that you will not easily find in other herbs. It stimulates the skin, body and mind and oxygenates the organs, therefore the skin and hair, giving energy and strength.

You will find many more anti-aging herbs, which is why it is important to choose carefully the one that best suits your skin needs. Check out the best antiaging essential oils you can find! (affiliate link)

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