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Herbs for detoxification

Best detoxifying herbs

The healthy functioning of our body and the avoidance of inflammation is primarily dependent on a balanced diet. In fact, the liver is the first organ that should take care to detoxify regularly.

When the body needs detoxification you can feel it: feeling tired, bloating, lack of energy, hormonal disorders, skin disorders, lack of concentration, weight gain.

It is important to consume many fruits and vegetables and to reduce as much as possible red meat, a source of amino acids, vitamin B12 and protein, but at the same time a source of toxins nowadays. The same of course goes for vegetables, which is why we must be very cautious in our market choices if we are not able to cultivate basic vegetables we consume.

A detoxifying diet, shields the body and strengthens the immune system, providing the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Let’s see more precisely what herbs are ideal for detoxification and which foods contribute.


Burdock root is one of the important detoxifying herbs, as it helps in liver detoxification and cleansing of the gallbladder. At the same time, the burdock root is ideal for treating skin disorders, which mostly originate from toxins in the body and detoxifies the largest organ of the human body, the skin.


Dandelion would be impossible to be missing from the list as it is one of the body’s most well-known detoxifying agents, with the fewest side effects, despite its powerful detoxification. It not only removes excess cholesterol, it cleans the kidneys, fights fluid retention, protects the liver and enhances cell renewal! Consumption causes diuresis by cleansing the body, improves digestion, stimulates and activates the liver and bile while not leaving the body without potassium reserves as do other diuretic herbs.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is among the most popular herbs for liver protection and healing. It regenerates liver cells, providing detoxification, smooth functioning and blood purification. Bile production helps correct digestion and metabolism of foods, while thistle consumption removes heavy metals from the body and rebuilds the liver from alcohol-borne damage. The same regeneration offers after radiation and chemotherapy.


the strong anti-inflammatory effect of oregano in combination with the antioxidant action, make oregano a strong anticancer herb capable of destroying cancer cells. It protects and cleanses the respiratory system and strengthens the immune system.


antioxidant, powerful anti-inflammatory and ideal for protection against cancer cell growth, rosemary contributes significantly to the elimination of harmful substances from our body. It also protects the nervous system and strengthens the immune system, while it is considered a herb of youth as it keeps our body, skin and mind fresh.


Like thistle, nettle is a fantastic detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging herb. It protects and cleanses both the liver and the kidneys, resulting in improved blood circulation, metabolism and energy levels. We should not forget that nettle is a rich source of vitamin C, which gives considerable support during liver detoxification.


Mullein is ideal for detoxification of the small intestine for better and easier absorption of nutrients from our body.


Elder, during detoxification will undertake the difficult work of mucus removal from the body. Excessive mucus combined with the oxidation of the body is the beginning that creates inflammation in the body. Mullein, having this property and in combination with its antimicrobial and antioxidant action is a very good detoxifying herb that protects against infections, viruses and flu!


Coriander is unique for the elimination of heavy metals, which are deposited in the organs, and are hidden everywhere in our everyday life. Powerful antioxidant for our organs, with many vitamins, minerals and trace elements that shield our body, coriander regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels while protecting against inflammation and microbial infections such as salmonella. It is such a powerful cleansing herb, that it is beeing studied for drinking water purification from metals.

Red clover

the red clover, cleans the blood and stimulates the body, while at the same time as a powerful expectorant, cleanses the lungs.


It has recently started to advertise much, something that until the studies are completed, we should be cautious. It does not cease to be considered a powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antihistamine and analgesic herb. Factors that rank it in detoxifying herbs. Neem cleans the blood and helps eliminate unnecessary toxins from the body.

Which foods help eliminate toxins from the body: eating beef liver (from free range) rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins A and B. Bananas and sweet potatoes for potash and elimination of heavy metals. Beans for protein and fiber. Spinach for energy and protection against oxidation of the body. Parsley, which is perhaps the richest source of vitamin K, while protecting the body from damage caused by chemotherapy and neutralizing cancer cells. Molasses for metals and trace elements and of course for replacing the processed sugar.

Add juices of vegetables and fruits to your diet. They help and accelerate the detoxification of the body, especially of the liver, which is difficult to clean from toxins that are deposited. The vegetables reduce the acidity in our body, creating a more friendly environment and Ph for the organs.

Detoxification is an intense process for our body. That’s why it’s good to start gradually without tiring our body. The first step is to change the diet by adding juices, fruits and vegetables and then proceed to detoxifying herbs. When talking about detoxification, of course we do not mean simply adding these herbs to our diet.

When you are on cholesterol, insulin or heart medication, you should first consult your personal physician. During pregnancy and breastfeeding avoid consuming detoxifying herbs as well as if you already know you are allergic to any of the above herbs.

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