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Horsetail cosmetic properties

Horsetail skin benefits

The horsetail is not only one of the best medicinal herbs, as it offers a wide variety of benefits for the skin, hair and nails, with many applications, easy even for natural homemade cosmetics!

Starting from the skin, the antioxidant action in combination with the wonderful emollient action and the nutrients it contains, provide nourishment and uniformity. It is already used in many cosmetics, as it protects the skin from premature aging, and fights free radicals.

You will meet the herb horsetail in many organic cosmetic formulations with antiaging action, as it inhibits the aging of cells, significantly reduces wrinkles and keeps the skin firm and clean.

The antiseptic action of horsetail in combination with anti-inflammatory, combats acne, irritations and skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and redness.

Considering the high content of silicon, makes horsetail ideal for the care and strength of the hair, while protecting from hair loss. Of course, it not only contains silicon, but also much more minerals and trace elements, essential for healthy hair, giving shine and volume.

Try adding horsetail extract to your shampoo or just rinse your hair after shampooing with infusion of horsetail. You will discover that it works as a natural hair conditioner and protects and treats split ends and dandruff! The systematic use of horsetail, promotes faster hair growth.

Finally, important nutrition offers in brittle nails that peel. You simply soak your nails in horsetail tea. If you do it properly, over 20 days, you will see your nails become more resistant and change their texture in a more healthy and shiny look!

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