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Rosemary at cosmetics

Rosemary skin and hair benefits

Rosemary belongs to the herbs that are particularly beneficial for hair and protects against hair loss, ideal tonic for all hair types, fights dandruff and oiliness.

Rosemary makes hair more glossy and shiny by strengthening the hair. People who suffer from skin conditions such as dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis and itching, can use an infusion of rosemary in the hair rinse, while the essential oil is ideal for enriching shampoos. Rosemary contributes significantly to the fight against hair loss and protects the hair from dirt!

For skincare, rosemary  is very good for the treatment of oily skin and acne, while it is also considered a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging. Used alone or in combination with other herbs, it helps combat cellulite by stimulating blood circulation. In skin conditions such as burns, swellings, varicose veins and burns, rosemary relieves and protects.

In baths, rosemary is beneficial for tired or swollen legs. Systematic baths with rosemary tighten the skin, whiten and eliminate dark circles under the eyes. The results are spectacular in very “tired” faces.

Rosemary needs special attention, when consumpted from pregnant women and young children.

Read more about the nutritional value of rosemary and the health benefits of rosemary!

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