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Mastic cosmetic uses

Mastic skin and hair benefits

Mastic is a unique herb on both the curative and the cosmetic level. The strong antioxidant effect of the resin of mastic, makes it a very good anti-aging ingredient when added to care products, while it detoxifies the skin thoroughly.

Ideal is to use it in dull and tired skin as it gives glow and deep cleansing, while creating a protective film on the epidermis. It gives elasticity to the skin protecting from skin loose while leaving a very refreshing aroma.

Mastic can be used with anti-acne efficacy, while it is thought to strengthen hair and work beneficial to treat hair loss! The addition of essential oil to shampoo and shower gel detoxifies the body, while giving a refreshing and relaxing aroma.

Use with caution during pregnancy and always ask your personal doctor before uses for therapeutic purposes.

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