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Cucumber in cosmetics

Cucumber skin and hair benefits

There aren’t few cosmetic applications for the well-known summer vegetable used in salads. The cucumber is rich in minerals and trace elements, which provide the body with the necessary ingredients for a radiant skin. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to eat it, make it a juice or use it directly on the skin, the results in the skin, hair and nails are spectacular.

Regarding the beneficial effects of the cucumber in the skin, the use of pulp or juice, cleans the skin thoroughly, expelling unnecessary pollutants. The soothing effect of the juice, soothes skin irritations and minor burns.

When there is swelling feeling, especially under the eyes, cucumber helps relieve and eliminate swelling and dark circles as it decongests the troubled region. It works as a tonic for the eye area, and offers very good tightening to the skin.

The hydration that it offers to the skin, is ideal both for young and mature skin, and helps eliminate and prevent wrinkles. The cucumber is literally food for the skin.

The action of the cucumber in the hair is also beneficial and nutritious. Juice, and frequent consumption of cucumber, strengthens hair and makes them smooth and shiny. It helps the hair to lengthen quickly.

Finally cucumber, because of its high content of calcium and silicon, strengthens nails, making them more resistant and protecting against breaking or peeling.


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