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Eucalyptus cosmetic uses

Eucalyptus cosmetic uses

Eucalyptus is actually a medicinal tree and not a herb, with limited cosmetic uses. Of course, it still has some very useful properties.

The eucalyptus tincture, which has similar properties to its essential oil when added to shampoo, is ideal for oily and for treating hairloss. The sense of coolness it leaves on the skin, relieves from persistent itching on the scalp, and in the same time it works excellent as as an insect repellent, fighting lice.

As for the hair, eucalyptus is also ideal for oily skin. Unique is the eucalyptus offer for dandruff treatment, intense pruritus, seborrhoeic dermatitis and many scalp diseases.It nourishes, treats itching and dermatoses successfully, and the addition of eucalyptus extract to shampoo and essential oil can replace chemical formulations for the same effect.

Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action makes it ideal for treating acne and particularly persistent and painful cystic acne. It fits very well with cardamom, ginger, peppermint, tea and rosemary in use for hair and oily skin.

Its balsamic action on the skin and its healing properties offer relief in sunburns. It is also ideal for treating varicose veins.

Finally, as we mention in the eucalyptus healing properties, the use in cases of asthma, epilepsy and arterial pressure is very important.

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