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Sweet scented Geranium in cosmetics

rose geranium cosmetic properties

Geranium is a wonderful aromatic herb with a strong aroma that comes exclusively from its leaves and not from its lilac flowers. Its essential oil is powerful and highly curative, with many properties for the skin! Its Latin name is pelargonium capitatum with many species of the same family such as perlargonium graveolens.

It is suitable for all skin types, from intense dry to oily skin, regulating the Ph of the skin and sebum secretion. People with acneic skin will notice a big difference with the use of geranium essential oil of as it does not clog pores, it is astringent and highly disinfectant, confronting skin inflammations, infections and viruses.

Ideal for the eyes as well, it stimulates blood circulation, facing dark circles and pouches, while providing a tightening of the skin and smoothing the fine expression wrinkles. Try it in a moisturizing oil with Vitamin E and a few drops of geranium essential oil as an evening treatment.

Cleansing the face with geranium hydrosol whitens the skin, leaving it clean and soft without damaging the Ph. Geranium hydrosol also cleanses the clogged pores adequately, while moisturizing and tightening the large pores.

You can also use it successfully in oily hair shampoo, as it regulates the oiliness and makes the hair shinne! People who suffer from excessive oily hair and have to wash their hair on a daily basis will find that they can easily reduce shampooing their hair gradually.

Due to the stimulation of blood circulation, geranium essential oil is ideal in therapeutic massage oils to combat cellulite and fluid retention. The same is also adequate for mild forms of varicose veins.

Finally, another important property of geranium essential oil, is its powerful anti-aging action, ideal for mature skin and protection against premature skin aging! Stimulating blood circulation, combined with hydration and strong regeneration, provide perfect results for maintaining a youthful appearance on our skin.

Combine Geranium with Ylang ylang for skin anti-aging and hair protection, use the essential oil in cannabis oil if you have oily skin with a tendency to acne, while on a castor oil base with Vitamin E you will have a radiant eye area and will significantly enhanced lashes. Be sure not to exceed the dosages so that you get the best results without side effects!

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