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The antiaging and hydrating Jasmine

Anti-aging herbs, jasmine at cosmetics

Jasmine may not be among the herbs and is considered to be an ornamental and aromatic plant, but in terms of therapeutic and cosmetic properties, it has many actions that its decoction is considered alone or in combination, herbal decoction.

The antioxidant action of jasmine protects the skin from free radicals and premature aging. You can use either jasmine tea or jasmine flower water for tonic and moisturizing lotion, while the essential oil in oil base is a perfect night serum. Of course, you can add essential oils matching with jasmine so you get even better results depending on your skin’s needs.

Ideal for both facial, body care and hair care, jasmine is suitable for all types of skin and hair. Of course it is also ideal for sensitive skin with a tendency to irritation and dermatitis. More specifically, it offers to the mature skin elasticity, hydration and protection, it offers to the oilly skin and hair balance, while to the dry skin, profound hydration, soothes the skin and balances the ph. You can use jasmine essential oil and in face and body masks, for hydration, rejuvenation and nourishment.

The jasmine oil can be used to protect your skin from stretch marks during pregnancy, while the fragrance offers tranquility, optimism and self-confidence. Everything that it offers to the facial skin, it offers our body too with very good results. Try jasmine for relaxing baths!

From jasmine we can have many different applications, depending on the result we want to have. We can find jasmine essential oil, jasmine oil, jasmine flower water, tincture and extract. Of course, jasmine tea is ideal for internal consumption as it offers all its beneficial properties from the inside while it activates metabolism contributing to the loss of excess fat.

It fits perfectly with all citrus essential oils such as orange, lemon, grapefruit (exclusively at night as citrus essential oils are photosensitive) and with rose, ylang ylang, ginger, marjoram, sage and geranium. Be sure to find the purest essential oil, as the results and aroma depend on the quality of the oil.

Jasmine tea is important to avoid during pregnancy, while people who are sensitive to caffeine should use until early in the afternoon so as not to have sleep disturbances. Large amounts cause stomach upsets. Essential oil in oils and creams is not dangerous during pregnancy, always at the right dosages.

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