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Hibiscus in our cosmetics

Hibiscus is one of the herbs known mainly as a decorative plant but it’s also a therapeutic herb, with very few cosmetic properties, but unique and important. The properties of hibiscus are not widely known, despite the fact that its antioxidant action is important for both healthy organis and healthy and radiant skin.

Hibiscus is a perfect anti-aging, offering immediate “lifting” to the skin, which lasts for several hours after application. Hibiscus extract can be added to cold creams and flower waters. It can be used as an excellent anti-aging lotion and cream.

Hibiscus flower oil increases the elasticity of the skin and promotes cell regeneration. The flowers also soothe the damaged skin. The oil can be used directly on the skin as a serum. Ideally, it is good to add vitamin E to the serum not only for its antioxidant action, but because of the natural preservation it offers when added to a product.

In addition, the oil is suitable for slimming massages and for hair toning! By rinsing your hair with water that you have extracted hibiscus flowers, you significantly strengthen your hair, protect it from hair loss and give a shine of vitality.

Read more about the healing properties of hibiscus and the nutritional value of hibiscus!

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