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Marsh mallow in cosmetics


The cosmetic uses of marshmallow are linked to its anti-inflammatory, healing and emollient properties, and consequently to the many healing properties that we have mentioned in the topic for the therapeutic uses of marshmallow.

It is an herb that is particularly emollient for the skin.

Marsh mallow has the unique property of healing wounds and protecting against skin diseases at the same time. It is an herb ideal for washing injured or damaged skin. It heals the damaged skin from sunburn and insect bites, while moisturizing and creating a protective film. This action is possible mainly with the use of the root and leaves of the herb. You can use it in the form of a poultice but also as a tea.

Swellings, bruises, abrasions and cuts are much easier to treat with the use of marsh mallow. Both as a poultice of the leaves and especially the root as well as with a decoction of the root, the results are spectacular.

Marsh mallow poultice is also beneficial for treating and normalizing varicose veins and dilated blood vessels. Inflammations of the skin and acne are effectively combated with the use of marsh mallow, leaving no marks. Its emollient action makes it the best among the moisturizing herbs for youthful skin!

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