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The many uses of lavender!

Lavender uses

We have already written about the many therapeutic and cosmetic uses of aromatic lavender, one of the most important herbs in the Mediterranean. Today we will summarize the many different uses that lavender offers in various forms!

Lavender finds many applications in cooking, pastry, cosmetics, curative uses, as a fragrance, to decorate a beautiful balcony even to feed bees and butterflies! But how can we make the most of lavender in all its forms?

Starting with cooking and pastry, dried lavender is used to flavor pot cooking, as it can replace rosemary. It is highly aromatic and gives a tinge of flavor, while you can use it grated in a Mix with your salt or the sugar you use for your sweets!

If you want to add even more lavender to your kitchen, try adding dried lavender flowers to your vinegar and oliveoil! And of course, we can not forget the refreshing drinks, as lavender tea fits perfectly with homemade lemonade, but also with mixes of homemade ice tea with melissa and mountain tea! Lavender honey is extremely fragrant and white!

In the form of an infusion (in boiled water – do not boil the flowers because they lose their properties) it will give you relaxation from a difficult day, helps to digest better after a heavy meal, fights migraines, relieves toothache and nausea.

The infusion can also be used as a lotion for hydration, for dry skin, insect bites and acne treatment. Rinse your hair with lavender infusion if you have dry hair, dandruff or hair loss.

Lavender flower water can be used to dab your face after daily cleansing to detoxify the skin, to deal with acne and comb your hair!

Use lavender essential oil in burns as it instantly relieves, absorbs inflammation and heals faster without leaving any scars. Use it for insect bites or if you want to avoid insect bites. Dissolve the essential oil (10 drops in 100ml oil of your choice) for massage when you feel muscular or joint pain. Rub lavender essential oil in the temples to relieve headache.

Of course, if you make your own cosmetics, lavender essential oil is ideal for salves, soap where you can put dried lavender too, shampoo for dry, damaged hair and massage oils.

When you suffer from insomnia, put in your pillow dried lavender, or lavender essential oil for serene sleep!

But the uses do not end, as a natural insect repellent, you can put dried lavender in wardrobes and drawers to avoid moths, while you will find dried lavender decorating candles, vases, giving color to your space.

As a natural space aromatic, the essential oil in a home diffuser will absorb the odors and at the same time will relax you as it fights anxiety, melancholy and depression.

With a lavender flower pot on your balcony, and an essential oil on your shelves, you get plenty of applications, while at the same time will beautify the balcony!

Of course, applications are not just the ones we mentioned, because with a little imagination you can find many more uses, and for safety reasons we did not mention the therapeutic use of lavender tincture, which, according to the need of our body, is a natural remedy for many problems!

Learn more about lavender cosmetic uses, lavender nutritional value and lavender healing properties!

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