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Sweet flag – Acorus Calamus


Sweet flag is one of the many healing herbs of Greek nature. In the herbal medicine we have already met it for its important contribution to smoking cessation, but its beneficial properties are not limited there!

Its dried rhizome is the part of the plant with the healing properties, while starting from its most important action, the anti-cancer, it is worth mentioning that its consumption prevents the formation of cancer cells, especially related to the female reproductive system and lungs. Its antioxidant, expectorant and cleansing action significantly protects the lungs. You can use sweet flag for relief and treatment of bronchitis and bronchial asthma as it helps significantly in the release of phlegm from the bronchi.

People who suffer from digestive system disorders, will find relief in sweet flag as it is a natural stomach tonic, treats stomach cramps, acidity, indigestion, flatulence. It is also used successfully to treat anorexia, so be careful in consumption if you do not want to gain weight!

Also important is the contribution of sweet flag to menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea as it helps regulate cycle and hormone abnormalities while at the same time it works very well as a natural aphrodisiac for both sexes.

Studies show that it has a positive effect on the recovery of brain cells and the nervous system, toning and strengthening in times of intense stress and depression and even more importantly, for recovery from stroke or brain dysfunction. Enhances memory and concentration and treats headaches and migraines due to its analgesic action.
The sweet flag is used as a base in perfumes, as it stimulates the nervous system, soothes and relaxes with its sweet aroma. The external use is ideal for relieving burns and rashes, while you can use the root poultice to treat varicose veins and rheumatic pains.

Another important property is the stimulation of the body in periods of atony, the protection from infections and the strengthening of the immune system!

Individual properties are the treatment of insomnia, toothache and tinnitus, while it contributes significantly to smoking cessation. You will find sweet flag in Ayurvedic preparations.

Avoid using the oil as it is toxic, prefer the root decoction and its poultice. The dosage and use depends on the instructions of your personal doctor only, while over-consumption causes nausea and vomiting, up to hallucinations. Do not consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as if you suffer from kidney or liver disease.

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