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Herbs for fresh breath!

Herbs for fresh breath

A fresh breath depends on many factors, mainly dietary, while it is something that is often difficult to maintain because poor diet and smoking have the opposite effect. This is a phenomenon that is a problem for many people, as many times even the care of oral hygiene is not enough! Behind a bad breath, there are many problems, seemingly harmless, but they need control and treatment. Herbs are a great solution!

The most common problem is rotten teeth, gingivitis or incorrect teeth cleaning that leaves room for caries and plaque. Another common cause of bad breath is dyspepsia and intolerance in dairy products, while poor diet, smoking and dehydration of the body can also cause related issues.

The most common symptoms accompanying a bad breath are dry mouth, paleness of the tongue, bitter or sour taste.

When you have already visited your dentist and the symptoms persist, the best solution is the natural ways of dealing with the consumption of herbs and specific spices!

The reasons why herbs are effective are not just the antiseptic and antibacterial properties most herbs have, but their antioxidant action, essential oil and chlorophyll content contribute. All of the above have the ability to neutralize the odors of the body.

The best herbs that fight off the bad breath are mint and spearmint, as they neutralize odors and leave a feeling of freshness. It is no coincidence that most chewing gums and toothpastes contain mint or spearmint. You can lightly chew the fresh leaves or drink tea from the leaves which is pleasant hot and cold.

Cinnamon and clove, aromatic spices rich in essential oil, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, neutralize odors and disinfect the oral cavity. You can add a cinnamon stick to your tea, while you can boil the clove and use it as a mouthwash or add it to your tea. Avoid chewing cloves as it intensively stains the teeth.

One of the best antioxidants, green tea, fights chronic malodorousness, as it has strong antibacterial action, while basil and rosemary neutralize odors equally effectively.

Parsley, due to its high content of chlorophyll, is ideal for the treatment of symptoms, while consumption has long lasting results. Fennel is effective as much as powdered as the direct consumption of the seeds after the meal, while coriander and cardamom, because of the high content of essential oil, cover the bad breath immediately, while improving the taste.

And because it can be difficult for some people to consume spices and herbs, carrot, apple, hazelnuts and pear are just as effective and rich in vitamins!

Adding spices and herbs to your daily diet, achieves long-lasting results, protects the oral cavity from infections and always offers fresh breathing!

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