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8 herbs ideal for growing indoors

Herbs and spices beautify our gardens, flavor our cuisine and benefit our body in a variety of ways. During the summer months it is easy to keep an herb healthy on our balcony or in our garden without much effort, especially the Greek herbs which do not need constant care. In fact, fresh herbs and spices when used directly from the pot, have a much more intense taste, aroma and have retained much of their essential oil!

In winter, however, the maintenance of our plants is difficult and the daily care becomes tedious due to weather conditions. What can we do to help keep fresh herbs healthy all year round? The answer is easy. Many herbs can be grown and continue to grow indoors, while beautifying the space and pleasantly framing a window.

8 of the easiest herbs we can take care of all year round are:

1. Basil: is one of the easiest plants that can be grown in winter and summer. Apart from the fact that there are many varieties of winter and summer cultivation, it is easy to care for, it aromatizes wonderfully a place, a meal and a decoction! All you need is a south orientation so that the sun can see enough through the window and regular watering.

Tip: do not forget to cut the flowers so that it continues to grow and that basil does not like to get wet foliage.

2. Oregano: if you already have oregano in your garden, you can easily multiply it in indoor pots, as it is made with seed, graft and even a branch! It needs regular watering until it takes root, but when it starts to grow normally, it does not need special care, except for a lot of sun and heat. So prefer south orientation.

Tip: oregano does not get along easily with other herbs, prefer to put it somewhere alone, otherwise you are very likely to see the plants around it get sick for no apparent reason! When adding it to a meal, keep in mind that it is much stronger in taste and aroma than the dried oregano.

3. Parsley: one of the most useful plants you could have in your kitchen window! Parsley is easy to grow. Sowing in a small pot will give you parsley for months. It needs regular watering but definitely good drainage otherwise it will wither. At the beginning of the development, the sun must see it a lot, but when it is sufficiently developed, it can go to west or east orientation without any problem.

4. Rosemary: beautiful, aromatic and with many healing properties, rosemary just needs a lot of sun. If you already have it in your garden and you want to have it in your kitchen, cut a sprig and put it in water until it takes root.

5. Thyme: Thyme loves heat and sun, and is basically all it needs to stay healthy! It needs very little water once it is sufficiently developed but should be constantly monitored by the sun.

Tip: do not put it next to oregano!

6. Sage: sage can not withstand water at all. Put it in a window with strong sun. You will be pleased to see its wonderful foliage grow and drink one of the best infusions on cold winter days!

7. Coriander: coriander is like parsley an annual plant that you can keep in your kitchen for a variety of uses! The whole plant is edible and proven to be particularly beneficial, especially for the digestive system and its antioxidant activity. The leaves, seeds and even the rhizome can be used in salads, soups and even as an addition to your coffee.

Tip: prefer to start growing with seed, as transplanting is difficult and usually the plant can not grow.

8. Marjoram: Marjoram, the oregano twin sister, and yet they do not get along well. It is a beautiful herb, which is propagated in the same way as oregano, and needs the same care. It stands out from oregano because it has a milder and more lemony aroma, while its leaves are round compared to oregano. You will enjoy it both in cooking and in a beneficial infusion. Its foliage can be used in both therapeutic and cosmetic baths!

Tip: in ancient times they cultivated marjoram to protect their homes from negative energy and to attract good luck!

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