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Witch hazel collection and nutrients

The herb witch hazel is actually a tree, up to 5 meters high and symmetrical in width. Characteristic of this plant, are the impressive yellow flowers, which we can find and collect in autumn and winter. It withstands very low temperatures and thrives in moist and fertile soils.

The origin of the witch hazel is from America, while we can meet it and cultivate it in Greece as well. The use of witch hazel is known from the tribes of America, mainly as a natural hemostatic and antiseptic.

Witch hazel has a high content of tannins, flavonoids and antioxidants, resulting in great cosmetic value, with many applications, especially for problem skin with a tendency to acne.

The useful parts of the tree are almost everything, from the bark and the leaves, to the flowers. The collection of bark and flowers should be carried out during the winter, when flowering takes place, while the leaves should be collected before flowering.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of witch hazel and the healing properties of witch hazel!

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