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Everything about Molasses (blackstrap molasses) and its use!

Molasses is a natural product which is extracted from sugar cane, during the processing for the extraction of white sugar. It is a sweetener, thick and dark syrup, which now finds applications in both cooking, cosmetic and therapeutic uses!

It is considered a superfood, as 300 gr of molasses contain (on a daily basis): 9% vitamin B1, 16% vitamin B3, 116% vitamin B6 and 27% vitamin B5, water-soluble vitamins and particularly useful for the health of the nervous system, the memory and concentration but also skin health.
In addition, it contains trace elements and minerals that give energy, hydrate the body and normalize blood pH, in large quantities: 69% calcium, 88% iron, 204% magnesium, 10% phosphorus, 141% potassium, 258% manganese, 86% selenium , 7% zinc, 82% copper. The energy it also offers to the body is great as it offers 252% of the carbohydrate needs. It should be treated like any sweetener, as it contains a lot of calories!

Due to the many methods of extracting molasses, many times you will find a mixture of cane with sugar beet, so it is important to know that the quality and content of the ingredients depends on the method of extraction, the origin of molasses and the method of preservation. So prefer when buying, Blackstrap molasses, which is in its purest form and is extracted from raw cane sugar.

For our health:

Beneficial for the nervous system and the fight against stress, molasses due to its high content of magnesium and B-complex vitamins, protects and benefits the nervous system, thus reducing tension, muscle contractions, fatigue and stress. It raises the levels of the hormone serotonin, thus fighting melancholy, reducing physical pain and mood swings, and fighting depression. It contributes significantly to the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as the content of minerals and trace elements supports brain function and improves concentration and memory.

Prevents the formation of cancer cells, due to its powerful antioxidant action. By preventing the oxidation of cells and consequently their destruction, not only the formation of cancer cells is prevented but also the aging of the organism. The antioxidant action of molasses, fights free radicals, which in high concentrations are responsible for many diseases, aging, destruction of proteins in the body, damage to DNA and cell membranes. Selenium and manganese play an important role.

Improves bone health and fights arthritis. As it is a rich source of calcium, molasses strengthens bones and teeth. At the same time, consumption helps in faster and better recovery from fractures, and reduces the possibility of weak and fragile bones and joints. People suffering from arthritis will see an improvement in both swelling and pain.

Beneficial for red blood cells, molasses is rich in copper, so it helps significantly in the absorption of iron and the creation of new red blood cells, while protecting the immune system. In combination with its high iron content, it is ideal for people with anemia, low iron and hematocrit levels, people with thyroid problems, arrhythmia and low iron stores.

For Women during menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation they will improve mood, reduce pain, supplement their iron and calcium needs and regulate their hormones naturally.
For the treatment of headaches, fatigue and poor sleep, molasses will be very useful, as it gives energy and the content of trace elements and vitamins improve blood flow, resulting in better brain function, higher energy levels and better sleep.

Stabilizes blood sugar levels, while the high content of potassium (potassium) reduces cholesterol levels. Potassium lowers blood pressure and supports the cardiovascular system, while helping to detoxify the liver and keep the body hydrated.

Improves sexual health, as it promotes healthy production of hormones, improves the function of the nervous and cardiovascular system and of course gives energy!

For the skin:
Molasses offers a variety of beneficial ingredients for the overall health of the skin with its main anti-aging action. Externally it can be used for exfoliation but also a very good emollient for very dry skin. Significantly reduces dark circles and restores vigor to the skin.

People suffering from skin diseases and acne will see improvement both with consumption and with its use for cleansing the face. Topically it can be used on pimples, wounds, cysts and rashes, as it has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

For hair:
The effect of molasses on hair is not proven by studies but mainly by the experience of thousands of users, who claim that it improves the quality and texture of hair, reduces the appearance of white hair and prevents hair loss. These observations are most likely to be correct, as high levels of copper and the strong antioxidant activity of molasses can have these effects on the body and hair. You can consume molasses daily to improve the hair but also apply molasses solution in water as a hair mask.

How to consume molasses
In cooking it is a favorite ingredient that you will find in pies and rum, in confectionery, in salad dressing, in grilled vegetables, in marinades and in sauces. You can use it in coffee, tea, juices, yogurt, cereals and ice cream, while you can add it to your own recipe for cereal bars!

2 tablespoons is the maximum you can consume daily, while you can consume it insoluble, or even better in lemon juice dissolved in a little water for better absorption. Due to its particularly viscous texture, molasses dissolves in lukewarm water.

Prefer to consume molasses before breakfast, on an empty stomach.

Possible side effects
It is generally considered safe to consume molasses in the permitted quantities. People who are allergic to cane should not consume molasses. It does not contain gluten, while it is easily digested by the body. People with diabetes should consume molasses on the advice of a doctor, while we must not forget that despite the invaluable nutrients it contains, it is still a sweetener. So the dosages should not be exceeded!

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