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Yarrow in cosmetics

Yarrow has limited cosmetic uses, but some of them are unique.

Yarrow oil in beeswax ointment, has the property to eliminate freckles. We must of course keep in mind that as a natural cosmetic, it has no effect from the first application, but you will see the difference from the first month of use.

Due to its astringent properties, yarrow works as a regulator on oily skin, supporting the balance in the secretion of oil. Due to its astringent action, it helps to reduce the appearance of dilated pores.

In relation to skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, the application of either oil or wax ointment relieves pain, burning sensation and soothes irritations.

It is considered to stimulate the scalp, thus treating hair loss and protecting the hair, acting as a tonic. Generally yarrow is an herb that tones and softens the hair and scalp. The addition of shampoo offers shine and vitality to the hair while at the same time it visibly strengthens it.

Daily use of yarrow can cause photosensitivity so it is important to use it only in the evening, as well as it should never be used internally during pregnancy, due to possible miscarriage.

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