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Our food as medicine!

Let food become your medicine and your medicine become your food – Hippocrates

When Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, said this phrase about 2,400 years ago, it was considered something simple and perfectly understandable for the simple way of life and diet of his fellow human beings. Today, after 2 millennia and the tremendous differences in lifestyle,
way of thinking and diet, it sounds complex and demanding.

The expression is not accidental, we are what we eat. Many people seek treatment in supplements and medicines when the solutions are simple. The same mentality has flooded the world of cosmetology, when the most powerful cosmetic for beautiful and healthy skin is our diet.

There are many examples of therapeutic foods found in every household. Did you know that garlic is one of the best anti-inflammatory and anti-viral? The same goes for orange, which relieves cold symptoms, strengthens the immune system and above all, can keep you awake better than a coffee, fighting the symptoms of fatigue!

The banana is suitable for sweet sleep, while its consumption fights stress. Raisins, which in Greece are in great variety, lower blood pressure, while juicy pear regulates cholesterol! Another delicious fruit, apricot, protects against kidney stones and cabbage fights ulcers of the digestive system.

Of course, if we judge by the rhythms of life that do not leave us time to deal with our diet, one will think “how do I get into the process of eating all these fruits and vegetables?” the answer is simple, you don’t have to eat them, you can make them a very nutricious juice. It is fast, simple and very tasty!

And for the lovers of cosmetic facemasks, you can remove the pulp that remains in your juicer, and make it a face mask for 15 minutes!

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"Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food."
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