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Himalayan salt health benefits and nutritional value

Apart from herbs and spices, there are plenty of beneficial foods for the body. Among them is the Himalayan pink salt, a salt in raw form, which has been appearing on organic markets for some time now.

Many have already replaced the common table salt with Himalayan salt, and many also believe that its benefits are not as important as it sounds.

Reality, of course, is hiding somewhere in the middle! We can not say that herbs and pure natural products are miraculous. The majority of the nutritional choices offered by nature are the basis for good health and prevention, and then they can be the cure.

Considering the daily consumption of chemically processed foods and the undoubtedly high environmental pollution, certainly foods that are cleaner and more unprocessed are an additional protection shield. So, we begin with the applicable principle that the salt of imalai, as raw, is definitely better for our organism than the classic, chemically processed salt.

In the course of the study of this salt, we find that it contains all those minerals and trace elements which have been removed during processing by the common salt. Its iodine content is natural and not add-on, and contains magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, chromium, manganese, zinc, selenium, copper, iron and many more metals in smaller quantities. It is worth noting that the sodium it contains is less comparing with table salt.

The beneficial properties of the pink salt are several, most notably the electrolyte balance that it offers to the body but also to the body’s ph. The variety of minerals it offers to the body, protects against cramps and strengthens bones. It contributes to better blood circulation while reducing blood pressure and it is thought to reduce the signs of aging and increase libido. It is very good helper for detoxifying the body and the proper functioning of the metabolism and contributes to faster and better absorption of nutrients.

Himalayan salt, of course, also applies to the cosmetics industry, contributing to healthier appearance, detoxification and cleansing of the skin, and the addition to a shampoo gives volume. You can use the Himalayan salt in baths for relaxation, detoxification, muscle and skeletal aches and natural antiaging!

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