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Angelica, collection and nutritional value

Angelica is a perennial herb, widespread in Greece, cultivated in gardens but also wild, in moist soils. In general, the plant, whether native or domestic, needs shade to grow. It is a highly aromatic shrub, with a wide range of uses, from confectionery to aromatherapy.

In fact, the whole plant, when mature, can be used for its useful healing or cosmetic properties. Accumulated amounts of essential oil and beneficial ingredients are found in the roots and seeds of the plant. The angelica essential oil can be used in an aromatherapy device affecting the psychological sphere, in an oil base for therapeutic massage, but the herb can also be used as a decoction (root, seeds) for therapeutic purposes.

The consumption of angelica should be done with a prescription, or with the consent of a doctor as it has many strong therapeutic properties and the dosage should be studied according to the needs of the body and also taking into account the history of the individual and any use of medicines.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of angelica and the healing properties of angelica!

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